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Gay Twist to the Sport of Kings come see the Queens of Sport!

Polo, also known as the “Sport of Kings,” is believed to have originated in Central Asia or Persia as early as the 6th century and has been played in some form or another ever since. It has been played by nobility and commoners, often as a way of settling disputes between nations or villages. Polo spread to the British Isles by the early 1600s and eventually made its way to the United States when a group of British officers arrived at West Point in 1876 with a box of mallet heads and one ball.

Polo thrived at the turn of the century with more than 1,000 clubs joining the newly formed United States Polo Association (USPA). The most famous polo club in the United States was The Meadow Brook Club of Long Island, founded by James Gordon Bennett in 1876. The USPA was headquartered out of the club until 1938.

Over the years, South Florida became an epicenter of polo, with clubs popping up in places like Palm Beach, Jupiter and Boca Raton. The, Royal Palm Polo Club was one of the most prominent clubs, hosting the famed U.S. Open Polo Championship and drawing celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods. After World War II, the Inter-Circuit Polo System was established, furthering the competitive nature of the sport, and leading to the rise of professionals in the game.

The sport of polo has flourished in South Florida, becoming home to some of the best players and teams in the world. Teams from the International Polo Club Palm Beach and Grand Champions Polo Club are routinely among the top teams in the country, competing at the highest levels of tournament play and with elite horsemanship on display. This thriving polo community still stands to this day, and with its rich history, it’s a great way to experience a piece of the past.

The National Polo Center, Wellington’s destination for polo and equestrian sports, will transform into a colorful five-day fete with celebrants coming from around the world to support the LEXUS International Gay Polo Tournament - Presented by Douglas Elliman Real Estate (GPL) from April 6-9, 2023. Creating a culture of community, togetherness, and high fashion, the event inspires and empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals in sports and beyond.

“As our world continues to evolve, we remain a constant at the forefront, working to create inclusiveness and equality in not only polo and equestrian sports, but in the community as a whole,” shared Chip McKenney, founder of the Gay Polo League. “We are honored to have so many friends and allies join us each year.”

The biggest challenge for the Gay Polo League was trying to find polo ponies that are gay!

by Roy Webb


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