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Media Kit

Looking for Travelers?    We Have them!

Resort and Travel Magazine is a voice for the sophisticated traveler and the newbie, seeking to discover the joys of travel. Including those demanding a Five Star experience or those simply seeking adventure on a budget. The commonality of our readership is their appreciation for travel, culture, art, food, adventure and escapade.


 Our readership consists of adventurers, both young and old, educated, professional, successful, wealthy in mind and spirit, male and female, who are, for the most part, high-income earners. They dine out, entertain, travel for pleasure and business and purchase quality products and services.

Our Readers - Are Focused - On Travel.

Our Readers Trust Us and Support our Advertisers! 


Resort and Travel magazine is our "gateway" to our newest format online. We have successfully tested our content in the most advanced mobile format.

Over the years, we have recognized patterns in our readership. Perhaps, the most amazing factor of our readership is their loyalty and trust for the content we provide.


We listen, to our readers. It is for that reason, we see consistent growth with Social Media along with the incredible growth and expansion of mobile across the world.

Resort and Travel is available to an even larger audience with our focus on hand-held mobile devices.


Advertisers enjoy a  powerful benefit from our proven, effective, format. 


Total views since online launch 21,225,000+

Average Monthly Page Views  110,880

Average Monthly Unique Visitors 37,350

Email Newsletter Subscribers 22,623 



Female/Male: 56% / 44% 


Median HHI: $72K


Median Age: 32 


Average Minutes Spent: 11.5 

Media Engagement


7.5 minutes average time spent per visit, on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

71.2% internet access from smartphones and mobile. 


We do focus social media as our focus is with travel agents. However, we intend to develp more outreach on  Resort and Travel's social media channels. 


After almost two decades, we crossed a threshold in 2016, leaving the print world behind to focus on the world of online.

We were very excited about the rapid acceptance by our loyal readers' and look forward to expanding our online technologies even further to enhance our value to our growing readership.

To our pleasant surprise, the growth of our online magazine on mobile has exceeded our expectations. Our reach is now global not bound by the distribution restrictions of a print publication. This has driven our growth and our ability to bring new services with new interactivity, our readers are able to connect directly to our advertiser's websites at the moment of interest, increasing the potential for interaction and purchase. 

Welcome to our family of advertisers. Our promise to you is we will always present your message to our readers to ensure they know you are a company of quality that can be trusted to bring value to our readers.



Our travel industry is recovering, to help we are offering our advertisers both new and old a welcome back special.  Buy a full-page ad or advertorial and receive another full page at no cost.  An additional bonus:  Full pages ads will be extended for five complete months and include links to websites at no additional cost!

This special complete package is just $650. however, it is a limited time offer. Your total savings will be  $3,250. This is our way of helping you get back to profitability.

Please contact your account representative for special rates or submit an inquiry to: You can  also enter your information below and we will contact you. 

This special complete package is just $650. however, it is a limited time offer.

Please contact your account representative for rates and special discounts or submit an inquiry to:

To celebrate our milestone of over 560,000 online readers, with an average of 2,786 online views each day. We are offering a Special Promotion which is available through 2021.  

See one-time offer above.

Buy a full-page advertorial and receive another full page at no cost.

An additional bonus: Full pages ads are extended for two additional months.

Your full page will remain in three consecutive monthly issues.

Full pages include video options and links back to your website.

The normal cost for three months is $1,950 but with this special, your total cost is $950. saving $1,000



Tablet Banner Ad Sizes: 728x90 - 300x600 - 300x250 


Smartphone Banner Ad Sizes: 300x50 - 320x50 - 300x250

( IBA standard or LInkExchange compliant)
Dimension: Between 440 pixels and 700 pixels wide by 80 pixels tall.
Format: .gif, .jpg, .png or .swf formats
Size: 15K or less file sizes preferred, animated and/or static acceptable.
Location:  Placed at the bottom of selected pages. 

Button Ad Dimension:

150 pixels wide by 10 pixels tall
Format: .gif, .jpg, .png or .swf formats 
Size: 15K or less file sizes preferred, animated and/or static acceptable.
Placed in the right side panels of pages. 

Showcase Ad: (Faces & Places, Events, Theatre, Restaurant, and more)
Dimension: 600 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall

Format: .gif, .jpg, .png or .swf formats
Linked from their banner, button or text link opens onto its own page on the site. 

Fifty percent payment of website schedule due at the time of contract.  

Online Advertising Agreement

The Online Advertising Agreement is effective on the date and for the term you select by the action of making payment to CETV Network Inc. (the “Agreement”) is entered by and between (the “Advertiser”), and CETV Network Inc. (the “Publisher,”) and together with the Advertiser, the “Parties”). WHEREAS, the Publisher publishes advertisements for websites on the Publisher’s websites; WHEREAS, the Advertiser wishes to engage the Publisher for the purpose of publishing an advertisement on the Website on the Advertiser’s behalf (the “Advertisement”) on the terms and conditions as stated in the invoice terms and by accepting this online agreement. Full Advertising Agreement Here.

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