The Moulin Rouge is Paris!

You have not seen Paris if you have not seen the Moulin Rouge! The Moulin Rouge's doors opened in 1889 located at the bottom of a hill in the colorful Montmartre district of Paris.


The spectacular show, Féerie. consists of a troupe of more than one hundred artists, including the 60 Doriss Girls that are recruited world-wide; costumes of feathers, rhinestones and sequins, sumptuous settings and incredible international acts make this one of the must see experiences in France! The show even stuns the audience as out of nowhere appears a giant aquarium filled with a beautiful woman and snakes! The show "Féerie"; has four main scenes created to show "The Moulin Rouge today and a tribute to its 130 year history. . You settle at your table and the room goes dim and the curtain is raised and the entire troupe appears on stage entering the Garden of the Moulin Rouge to discover the magical atmosphere. A touch of nostalgia! . "Sandokan" What kind of adventures can happen to a pirate whose boat is anchored in Indonesia? Yes, a boat appears and it is not a small boat! Dreams? A perfect woman's love? Once in the land, one meets three Gorgon sisters, Stheno, Euryale, and Medusa, with snakes for hair, and they have the power to turn anyone who looked at them to stone. Will Sandokan have the opportunity to offer his treasures to the lady of his dreams or will we be witnesses to a sacrifice of love? . "The Circus" The circus comes to town with its band of clowns, Siamese twins, pierrots, acrobats, jugglers, weird wild animals and six miniature horses! A colorful scene with beautiful music which ends with the great parade of the Doriss Girls and Doriss Dancers.


The Moulin Rouge pays a tribute to Parisian women throughout the years: and on the 14th of July, for the Liberation of Paris.. Time passes and leaves space for new generations of women, more beautiful and free than ever! At the highlight of this tribute, the Doriss Girls dance the world famous French Cancan!


This incredible Parisian experience has earned Resort and Travel's Five Star Award!

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