Draycott Hotel

As we continue our series on London. It is time to focus on another one of London's best hotels. One of our favorites is a 5-Star Luxury & Boutique Hotel in central London with understated elegance, impeccable service and authentic English grandness. It is the kind of hotel for those who wish to enjoy the ambience of a traditional English hotel, set in a very quiet environment. A favorite of film stars and royalty with understated elegance and authentic English grandness, the Draycott Hotel is more than just a 5-Star town house suite hotel; it occupies three red-brick Edwardian homes just around the corner from Chelsea's Sloane Square and Kensington. Staying in this elegant town house will evoke a sense of old world romantic charm and elegance for which the city of London is so famous. Here you will feel as though you are home. Perhaps, the most unique feature of this hotel is it really makes you feel that you are in your own home in London with your favorite house staff.


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