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Amsterdam, there isn't enough time!

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1. Cruise the canals - Amsterdam has a unique charm that can be appreciated from the water. take a canal cruise to see the gabled houses and historical bridges with a guide who narrates the city’s history. 2. Visit the Anne Frank House – Amsterdam was the place where Anne Frank made her famous diary and wrote of Jewish persecution under the Nazi regime. Take a tour of her hiding place and the museum and pay homage to her incredible story. 3. Visit the Van Gogh Museum – the museum houses over 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 750 personal letters of the famous artist. It also displays special exhibitions year-round. 4. Enjoy the Jordaan District – Now one of Amsterdam’s most upscale neighbourhoods, it is full of picturesque canals and old cobblestone streets. Home to lively markets, street performers and art galleries, visiting this area give visitors a glimpse into the city’s past. 5. Explore the Red Light District – The infamous Red Light District has been part of Amsterdam for centuries and is now a unique tourist destination. Take a look for its eye opening window displays and explore the options for entertainment, food and drink. The city of Amsterdam is banning the smoking of marijuana outdoors in its red-light district. The ban is part of a host of changes to appease those who live in the popular neighborhood, which attracts millions of tourists each year.

In the Netherlands, where prostitution is legal, and marijuana is openly sold in shops, city officials are working to combat "overtourism" within the Dutch capital. A former mayor attempted to ban marijuana cafes within the red-light district in 2014. Since then, the city's government increased taxes on hotel rooms and short-term rentals.

The ban, which will go into effect in May, is part of a host of other changes to the historic neighborhood. The municipality is tightening a measure that prohibits the sale of alcohol after 4 p.m. from Thursday to Sunday.

6. Amsterdam’s many hidden gems can easily be missed. Don't let that happen with a walking tour. You can catch many sites from the comfort of a boat cruise, but you can't beat getting lost on foot in this incredible city! 7. Shop in the flower market – This picturesque flower market takes place on the Singel canal and sells hundreds of different types of fresh flowers and plants. Many of these come with Dutch tulips and colourful blooms, making it a great spot to pick up some souvenirs. 8. Visit the Rijksmuseum – This expansive museum is one of the most popular in Amsterdam, and houses a vast collection of Dutch masterpieces including Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch’. As well as the Rijksmuseum, there are plenty of other great museums around the city. Visiting the Van Gogh and Rembrandt House museums are particularly popular for tourists, and then there’s the museum of modern art, the maritime museum and the Museum of Bags and Purses. 9. Take a bicycle tour – You don’t have to rent a bike to tour the streets of Amsterdam. Take a cycling tour and see the city from the saddle of an experienced local guide. Sample delicious Dutch snacks and learn about the history and culture of the city. The night life in Amsterdam is legendary, with a plethora of attractions to suit everyone and every budget. There is something to do every night, whether it's catching a gig at one of the city's many world-famous music venues, watching a stunning theatrical performance at one of its famous theatres, or taking a boat ride through the city's historic canals. Amsterdam has something for everyone when it comes to nightlife. Whether you’re a fan of music and dancing or are simply looking for a romantic evening for two, you’ll find plenty of attractions to choose from. Whether you’re on the hunt for drinks, food, or fun, Amsterdam is sure to provide.

Our thoughts on restaurants and hotels:

1. Restaurant De Kas Located in the heart of Amsterdam's stunning botanical garden, Restaurant De Kas serves modern Dutch cuisine featuring local, seasonal ingredients. The restaurant's unique location, stunning views of its surroundings, and creative takes on classic dishes make for a truly memorable dining experience. Signature dishes such as slow-cooked local mussels, slow-roasted duck, roasted and caramelized Jerusalem artichokes and Manjari chocolate mousse are standouts here. The inviting space also features a chef's table and a charming terrace. 2. The Hoxton Amsterdam The Hoxton Amsterdam is a chic hotel situated in the center of Amsterdam in the vibrant Nine Streets district. The hotel is designed to be a home away from home and features spacious rooms with complimentary breakfast, unlimited wifi and an Honor’s Bar serving up craft beers, cocktails and small plates. The Hoxton has a restaurant and a cafe that serves delicious local specialties. The hotel's lively atmosphere, convenient location and friendly staff make it a popular choice for travelers. 3. Grand Café Hebbeding Grand Café Hebbeding offers a unique dining experience in Amsterdam, with delicious dishes made from locally-sourced ingredients. The menu offers a range of classic dishes, as well as modern takes on comforting dishes such as chicken pot pie. The restaurant also serves up a selection of creative weekly specials. The fabulous wine list and friendly, accommodating staff complete the perfect dining experience. 4. Hotel Pulitzer Hotel Pulitzer is a beautiful, four-star boutique hotel located in Amsterdam's iconic Canal Belt. The hotel's unique combination of historic charm and modern amenities make it an ideal place for travelers to rest their head. The hotel offers comfortable and spacious accommodations with modern comforts, as well as an excellent restaurant and bar with an eclectic menu. The hotel is also home to a stylish courtyard garden, where guests can relax and take in the scenery.

Be Careful Always

Pickpocketing and theft - Amsterdam is known for its high rates of theft and pickpocketing. Be sure to keep your valuables safe while exploring the city and its attractions. Drug Use - Cannabis and other drugs are widely available in Amsterdam. Be aware of potential dangers and keep a safe distance from anyone you think may be engaging in drug use. Sex Work - Amsterdam is home to the world’s first 'tolerance zone' for prostitution, but it’s important to note that sex work is still illegal in the city. Be aware of any illegal services you may be offered.

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