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Stockholm Unique and Inspirational

Stockholm is famous for ranking among the world’s top exporters of music as well as its vibrant tech scene. But fewer people know that the Swedish capital is the number-one hub for the music tech industry. Music tech is where music and technology connect, for producing or consuming music.


Stockholm has been good at merging our leading music industry with the tech scene. Ever since the 90s, a lot of the world’s biggest pop acts come to Stockholm to produce their music in cooperation with the city’s many music creators. Combined with this, Stockholm, after Silicon Valley, has produced the most tech unicorns per capita. These two ingredients have set the foundation and development for a whole new industry of music and we want the world to experience it.


With the video you can experience the hidden places in Stockholm where some of the defining moments within music and tech took place. Explore the concert hall where First Aid Kit made Patty Smith cry, or where Zara Larsson decided to skip dance classes in favour of the music program. Discover the place where Spotify founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon met for the first time.


The video is narrated by critically acclaimed artist Mapei and includes a Stockholm subway map you can discover 14 important birthplaces for contemporary music and Music tech around the capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm.


Music and technology are entwined together and created everywhere in Stockholm. Stockholm is a melting pot for music and tech and that’s why we wanted to visually show some of those places. Our vision is to inspire visitors to discover some of the defining places and moments for music and Music tech. It’s a fun alternative for those who want to see a different side of the city and find out more about Stockholm’s music scene.


To feel Swedish hospitality I suggest the Hotel Kungsträdgården/The King´s Garden Västra Trädgårdsgatan 11B111 53 Stockholm, Sweden has received our prestigious Five Star Award.

.The King’s Garden is a modern hotel with Gustavian architecture. The building dates goes back to the early 18th century, and the hotel’s nooks and crannies and rooms, contain carefully preserved woodwork and details from a past era. The original building was constructed for Countess Eva Bielke, and was completed in 1764. The building was built from stone, at that time an innovative material. The countess herself didn’t live there; instead it was rented out. The first and only known tenant was Christina Brahe, widow of Erik Brahe. Count Carl Gustaf Piper bought the entire property in 1769, and it stayed in the hands of his family until 1976. Two more floors and two large staircases were added during that time - and the renovation was carried out so elegantly that the popular Swedish magazine Svenska Hem did a major story about it.


Jörgen Björnstad, the hotel’s owner bought the property in 2010 and started a slow and painstaking process of renovation that lasted fo over four years. The hotel opened on 12 January 2015, and to make the historic courtyard something quite extraordinary it was adorned with one of Europe’s largest chandeliers.

by Roy Webb

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