Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex How to Watch a Rocket Launch

There is nothing quite like it on Earth. Watching a rocket launch from the closest public viewing just a few miles away provides a unique perspective on the power required to send spacecraft into Earth’s orbit and beyond. The countdown to liftoff begins with the flash of fire as the rocket engines ignite. Seconds later, the rocket soars overhead and the delayed rumble of the engines becomes a roar that vibrates through the spectators as they feel the sound wave reach them.

To have this unique experience as a visitor you are transported by bus from the main visitor complex to the special viewing areas. Each special viewing area requires a launch viewing/transportation ticket in addition to daily admission ticket and these areas are accessible only by visitor complex buses. The visitor complex does not currently offer any opportunities for launch viewing when the launch time is scheduled significantly outside of operating hours. For more info:

TIP: Tickets for launch viewing tickets outside of the main visitor complex sell out quickly as there is a limited amount of tickets available. Check out the resources available to you listed under "How do I find out about launch viewing opportunities?" below to ensure you do not miss when they go on sale.

Call 855.433.4210 or visit

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