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    Why is Calendar Magazine the absolute best advertising value for your business? 



   Please take this moment to honestly look into this offer. If it is not correct for your business then that is OK. However, if it is right for your business then I can assure you that our company will make it both affordable and easy to prove all the benefits without any great risk. We are experts and can show you how to use mobile technology to increase your bottom line.





   Research shows when you reach out to the large and growing number of mobile users you could substantially increase your business. It is equally as important, is to offer your current customers the convenience and of ease of use on mobile.


  Calendar Magazine is designed to promote your business to mobile users who are searching for quality and value. We are experts and provide the mobile technology to ensure customers have the best experience with mobile. This system is only available to businesses that have earned our award for quality, value and service.


    Now, that your business has a 5 Star Award, it is important to tell the world and most important your own customers that your business has been recognized as exceptional. Calendar Magazine helps you accomplish that important goal. We provide your customers and potential new customers using mobile. The technology so they find it convenient and easy to contact to you when using mobile.

   This offer brings new traffic and exposure to your business. Although, you may have a mobile optimized web presence Calendar Magazine can increase your Google and other search engine rankings. With this offer, you will have your own up to date mobilized e-business page on Calendar Magazine. Plus there are no hosting charges as everything listed here is included for less than $1 per day.


   You receive a mobile optimized web presebce that your current customers and new customers can link directly to any page on your website from their mobile phones. You can also link from your website to the mobile optimized page from your website.


    Plus on your mobile page customers can see your exact location while using mobile devices. Google Maps is shown and includes driving directions,  estimated arrival time and driving distance between locations.


    Mobile users can use one-touch calling to reach your business. This feature not only makes it more likely that your business is called from a mobile phone but it can actually save a life! (Don't text and Drive!)


    Save our accounting department from having to bill you $47 every month and we will gladly give you $100 off your annual rate! Your cost comes down to less than $1.27 per day! Just one payment of $464. for a full year of really effective advertising!


Special Limited Time Offer (For first-time advertisers ONLY)  


As a first-time advertiser, save an additional $100. Your 35% total savings of $200 brings down your annual payment to just $364. less than $1 per day. Effective mobile ease of use and new customer traffic for $1 per day! To save the additional $100 you must respond before the offer ends.



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