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1312 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA

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Vetri Cucina has received Resort and Travel Magazine's prestigious 5 Star Award. 

Vetri has the longstanding reputation as being one of the most respected and influential Italian restaurants in the country.

After years of working in some the finest kitchens in Italy and the U.S., Chef Marc Vetri returned home to his native Philadelphia, took over the intimate, jewel box townhouse that was once home to the lauded Le Bec Fin. In the early days, the kitchen staff consisted of just Marc and one other cook with his business partner, sommelier Jeff Benjamin manning the front of the house.


Together, they opened Vetri's doors in September of 1998. It proved to be a stunning debut, as Vetri—with its outstanding rustic fare, handcrafted pastas, innovative flavor combinations and artful presentations—gained a fast following amongst diners, critics and fellow chefs alike.

The Vetri team is frequently traveling, exploring, tinkering and always striving for continued excellence. This intense effort and great care translates to the table where guests are delivered more appealing experiences and offered many preparations, ingredients, products and flavors they would not normally find elsewhere.


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