Welcome to our new format. After many years, we have joined other major publications that no longer offer print editions. However, our intention is to continue to make your travel experiences more enjoyable.


With our new online magazine, we are now able to reach a larger audience and offer an interactive experience. You can choose our turn pages format as you would in a print magazine but our new format offers video, sound and other exciting technologies within the new format.


Offering you a much richer experience on mobile and all other devices. We really appreciate our readers and hope you will continue to enjoy Resort and Travel Magazine everywhere you go on all formats.



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 Elena Starostenkova

 Managing Editor 

Resort and Travel's Mission:

To operate our business with a strong commitment to bring true value to all who choose to use our company, website and Internet services.
"To bring the "Best of the Best" to our readers and app users, the information they seek on mobile and all devices with the most efficient and convenient technology available. To enrich both their online experience and real-life experience. By providing them with the most up-to-date information on businesses with established quality and value in the area they choose.
For businesses, our goal is to bring more customers to your business with technology.
When we do our job well, we are able to ensure our company's growth, satisfy our readers, take care of our employees and contribute to the world in charitable ways".



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