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Atlanta, Georgia 30309

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Restaurant Eugene has received Resort and Travel Magazine's prestigious 5 Star Award. 

The appreciation that the Restaurant Eugene team has for history, the region and traditional foodways provides a certain heft and soul to what they offer.

Once through that door, respect and care for the ingredients play as important a role as the preparation of them.

The goal in the kitchen is to make absolutely as much of what is used from scratch as possible. Simple sauces like hot pepper sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, ketchup, and the like are made by hand.

More complicated techniques are enhanced by having, even the most basic ingredients, be made in-house. It is a return to actual preparation of ingredients that motivates the kitchen to elevate these precious products to their place on a seasonal pedestal.

This 'from scratch' approach may at first, be perceived as rustic but the end result of each dish proves that really, this is what true cuisine is—folkways meeting Escoffier.


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