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350 Pleasant Valley Way
 West Orange, NJ 07052

Drive Safe
Mobile One-Touch Dialing

As at travel publication we first and foremost have an obligation to our readers to bring travel stories and adventures to the pages of Resort and Travel magazine. As we pursue that quest we sometimes find an extraordinary value or a must-see experience and we are always excited to share those discoveries with our readers.

 What do Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis Jr., Presidents Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower, Chef Gordon Ramsey, Buzz Aldrin,  Dionne Warwick, Melissa Etheridge, Daryl Strawberry, Dan Akroyd and Joan Rivers all have in common? The Wilshire Grand, a unique hotel just minutes from Manhattan and Newark airport located in West Orange, New Jersey. 


As you arrive you instantly feel the unstated elegance, a fireplace, outdoor patio and artistic photos dominating the hallways. you get the feeling, you are home. The front desk sits in front of a large fish tank with turtles and big fish as the backdrop for the lobby reception. There you will most likely find Ed Naula, the Director of Management Services, a cheerful fellow always ready to take care of each guest with a smile.


Every morning the hotel offers a free breakfast under the guidance of Florence Davis who is right there making sure you have everything you want to start your day. They even have a 24-hour espresso machine which offers more coffee variations than a Starbucks.


Ask for a room with a Jacuzzi, that, of course, is not found in every hotel but one thing that I found to be very special even beyond most five star hotels is the style under the guidance of Maritza Alarcon, Executive Housekeeper. You will see how a simple thing like the placement of your room towels is turned into a work of art. Makes it easy to understand why this is one of the most popular hotels in the northeast as a wedding venue. The Wilshire Grand is listed as the "Best" for three consecutive years in Manhattan Bride. The hotel’s catering team is dedicated to excellence and every package is tailor-made to accommodate your specific taste, whether traditional, vegetarian, Indian or Kosher.


With more than 20,000 square feet of sophisticated meeting and event space, the hotel is also a premier choice for meetings & conventions, galas, and corporate receptions.


Resort and Travel’s Five Star Award is the special recognition we give based on quality, value, and service. The Wiltshire Grand excels in all three areas. This is Five Star Hotel with a three-star price. One of the best values we have found in the New York area. Like all great hotels, there is a driving force behind the hotel’s dedicated team creating the Five Star experience. That driving force is the General Manager, Edward Reagoso. I suggest you take a moment to have a coffee with him and I promise you will enjoy that experience.


When you arrive there is free ample parking compared to the exorbitant parking fees for most Manhattan hotels. I can tell you if you are visiting the New York Metropolitan area you will find the convenience and value of this hotel a pleasure! Resort and Travel 2019 Five Star Award is well deserved.


Roy Webb, publisher

Copyright CETV Network Inc. and Resort and Travel Magazine

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