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1221 Locust Street, Philadelphia, PA

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Vedge Restaurant has received Resort and Travel Magazine's prestigious 5 Star Award. Vedge is a vegetable restaurant by Chefs Richard Landau & Kate Jacoby. Located in the historic Tiger Building on Locust Street, Vedge offers a classically elegant dining experience with a progressive, bold approach to cooking.

The menus at Vedge are putting vegetables in the spotlight, featuring locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. Absolutely no animal products are used in the Vedge Kitchen.

Behind the bar, our cocktails are fun and innovative, using house-made syrups and bitters. Our wines and beers are selected to represent the best of the natural and craft movements.


Vedge prides itself on being a “foodie’s” restaurant – for omnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and carnivores alike.


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