924 Garrett Street, Ste C.
Atlanta, GA 30316

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GunShow has received Resort and Travel Magazine's prestigious 5 Star Award. 

Chef Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant, Gunshow, offers a bold, new take on the traditional dining experience. Inspired by Brazilian churrascaria-style dining and Chinese dim sum, Gillespie combined the two for a decidedly fun and delicious result.

Dishes are presented on rolling carts and trays to diners at their tables where they can then choose what to order. Pricing is a la carte.

Along with an innovative dining experience, the restaurant’s design is also unique. With few walls and a highly visible kitchen, Gillespie and the talented team at ai3, Inc. have created a sense of transparency throughout Gunshow.

The restaurant’s name is a tribute to his family. Growing up, Gillespie’s father worked seven days a week to provide a better life for his family. On the rare Sunday afternoon he had off, father and son would go to a gun show.

Gunshow is located in the Glenwood Park neighborhood of Atlanta.


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