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AI-powered travel guides revolutionize the way travel agents operate. By leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, to process personalized travel preferences and provide tailored recommendations for clients. Leading to a more personalized travel experience. They are a game-changing tool for travel agents, showing customers that your agency is at the forefront of AI technology.

Time-saving. AI-powered trip planners can quickly analyze vast amounts of travel data, identify areas of interest, and generate recommendations. As a result, these tools save you time and effort since you don’t have to research and organize trips manually.

Special Launch Membership Offer for Travel Agents.  
Lifetime Membership Just $97 dollars
Never pay Annual fee, save $297 dollars every year. 

You will have unlimited access to Travel Guides for your customers! 

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For 22 years, Resort and Travel Magazine has been in the industry. Now, with CETVAI , a powerhouse in the field of artificial intelligence.

Their advanced technology drives our A I travel guides, ensuring they are tailored to each individual traveler's preferences. Never possible before artificial intellegence. 


To become a member travel agency, there is an annual cost of $297 dollars.

But during our prelaunch phase, we are offering a lifetime membership for just $97 dollars, allowing agencies to save hundreds of dollars every year.


By providing these A I guides to your customers, you can attract new clients and earn commissions on hotels, flights, and other accommodations.

A I travel guides for both luxury and budget travelers. Stay ahead of the competition and offer your customers a travel experience that is unmatched by your competitors.


Lifetime membership for just $97 dollars. saving $297 dollars every year.

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