The Second Line has received Resort and Travel Magazine's prestigious 5 Star Award. 

Nothing takes me back to New Orleans like a roast beef poboy, dressed, and an old school Italian salad. Neither of these are part of what most think about when you eat "New Orleans food."  Truth be told I never had anything blackened until I left New Orleans, that is strictly tourist food, just like we don't walk around with mardi gras beads on all the time. 


 The ingredients are sourced from friends and neighbors.  A great poboy could be found in a restaurant, a bar, a home, or even a grocery store.  At the second line, we won't try to put our spin on poboys or seafood plates or any of the food we offer (the downfall of a poboy is when it is gussied up), what we will do is put that same passion into each bite and authentically make every dish that goes out.

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