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For a truly magical experience, take a trip to Bruges!

Bruges, Belgium is a small city full of charm and history. With a population of about 117,000 people, it offers visitors a unique experience in a beautiful, Medieval European setting. Its quaint cobbled streets, canals, hidden alleyways and well-preserved Gothic and Flemish architecture will transport you back to a time of old world tradition and feel.

As one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe, there are many sights to explore. The Markt square is the center of the city and a must-see. It features a Gothic belfry which houses a famous 49-bell carillon, various gabled buildings and some of the best restaurants and cafés in Belgium. Nearby, you will find the renowned ‘Lace Gallery’ and the Basilica of the Holy Blood which is said to contain a phial of Christ’s blood.

If you love art and culture, you can visit the Groeningemuseum and learn more about the Flemish masters such as Jan van Eyck, Hans Memling and others. After exploring the city by day, you can take a romantic canal cruise or explore in a horse and carriage ride in the evening. And no visit to Belgium is complete without trying local specialties such as Belgian waffles, mussels and fries.

For a truly magical experience, take a trip to Bruges! Whether you want to explore the ancient buildings, sample some delicious food or just take in the breathtaking sights, Bruges is sure to leave you with long-lasting memories.


De Halve Maan: De Halve Maan is a traditional restaurant situated in the heart of Bruges. This Edo-style Flemish eatery serves classic dishes of the city, such as mussels, carbonade flamande (Flemish beef stew) and more, in a cozy atmosphere. The restaurant also offers an extensive beer list featuring Belgium’s most famous brews.

Poatersgat: 't Poatersgat is a modern Belgian restaurant located just to the south of Bruges. Here, classic Flemish dishes like risotto and beef stew are served in generous portions with a side of inventive, artistic decor. The restaurant also offers an extensive wine selection, including rare and exclusive wines from around the world.

La Botteresse: La Botteresse is a restaurant tucked away in a beautiful corner of the Old Town, offering a pleasant ambiance alongside traditional Flemish dishes such as grilled sole and carbonade flamande. The restaurant also serves a selection of Belgian beers, including Chimay La Blanche.

Zwart Huis: 't Zwart Huis is a local favorite located in the St. Anne area of Bruges. The menu here features dishes such as mussels served with fries, grilled chicken and steak. The restaurant also serves regional beers and a great selection of wines.

by Cristina Webb


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